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Jeremy Adriana Mitchell is a Los Angeles native who is currently living and writing abroad.

How To Send A Follow-Up Email Without Being Annoying

Email is king when it comes to communicating in the 21st century. Being able to successfully rule over your kingdom (inbox) is imperative if you intend to have a long and successful rule. While drafting a flawless, concise email along with the perfect subject line can be tricky, the trickiest skill of all, is how to follow up on that email, for a response, without being annoying. Here are some of our favorite tricks of the trade.

What People Don't Tell You About Your First Job

When you graduate from college, you feel on top of the world. Having just completed a significant milestone in your life, you are ready to leap into the real world to see all of the many splendorous wonders that it holds for you. While we do promise that this new chapter of your life will contain tons of amazingness, we also wanted to take a minute to get real with you about the stuff no one tells you about your first job.

Things You Need To Break Up With To Be A Better Girlboss

Being the best person you can be means being honest with yourself and others. While saying you have 500,000 Insta-followers and so much daily site traffic that your host site can barely function, might sound nice. But it’s only holding you back if it isn’t true. Lying about where you are currently at on your business journey does not benefit you in anyway. Be proud of the progress you have made, keep working hard and set attainable goals for yourself going forward to continue your growth.

How To Turn A Job Rejection Into An Opportunity

You CRUSHED it. The interview went better than you could have ever imagined, your interviewer is probably going to make you the godmother of her firstborn, and you have already mentally decorated your new office. Then BAM–out of nowhere you’re hit with a heavy hand of rejection. Don’t worry, it happens to the best of us. Rejection is sadly a regular part of life that we have to deal with and learn from. Here is how to turn job rejection into a new opportunity.

Tips For Nailing The Online Interview

Nailing your interview is a crucial part to landing that new job you have your heart set on. In today’s digital landscape, your first interview can often happen from afar via Skype or over the phone. Doing an online interview means that you have home court advantage–an advantage that you will not squander away by being unprepared, if you follow a few simple guidelines. Here are some tips to wow-ing your way into a second interview!

How To Be Productive During A Long Flight

If you are like us and travel often for business, you know that even short flights take up a lot of travel time. The time it takes to get to the airport, check your bag, get through security, and board your flight, really add up before you even account for the duration of time in the air. So when you have to take a long flight, from coast to coast or overseas, it can feel like an eternity of unproductive time. To help you make the most out of those long flights, here is how we manage to stay pro

Places Of Guangdong – OPIZ Water Skiing Club

As we come to the end of the summer, HubHao visited OPIZ Water Skiing Club to enjoy some water sports before we all have to go back to work and school. There’s plenty of fun to be had out at Songshan Lake. Summertime in Dongguan coincides with the constant quest to uncover new, entertaining ways to beat the heat and enjoy yourself. While there are plenty of pools and beaches to relax at, I was surprised to discover an enormous lake wrapped in lush greenery...

Smart Things To Spend Your Money On This Month

Spending money is easy. There is always a fabulous new pair of strappy heels, a $250 tasting menu, or a killer cocktail dress calling your name. On the other hand, saving and budgeting your money, seems to be a bit more difficult. To start winning in the ongoing battle with your bank account balance, you have to first take a good hard look at what things you are spending your money on. In the hopes of helping a sister (or brother) out, here is a list of things that you should be spending your mo

4 Resources To Help You Become A Life Long Learner

As human beings we are constantly learning, whether we realize it or not. We learn from new experiences, past failures and everything in between. However, since graduating college, we rarely take the time to learn anything specific. If you are looking to step up your knowledge game in any way, whether it be through learning code for your site, a new language for upcoming travels or a new talent all together, here are some sites making it easier than ever to metaphorically go back to school. Int
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